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Report a Pothole or Sinkhole

Report a pothole or sinkhole on HRM owned streets or sidewalks.

Potholes are caused when the asphalt on the surface of the road has deteriorated from the top, but you can still see asphalt under the hole.

Sinkholes are caused by erosion from underneath, and when you look into it, you can't see any pavement.

Contact Information

Include your email address to receive an email confirmation and to check the status of your service request online later.

First Name Last Name Email Address 10-Digit Phone


Enter the civic number and street name OR approximate location.

Civic Address

Example: 5639 Spring Garden (do not include street type / suffix)

Civic Number Street Name Unit (optional)
Approximate Location

Example: At the corner of North and Robie

250 character maximum.

Service Request Details

Describe whether the street is paved or gravel, the approximate size and depth of the hole, and whether the hole poses an immediate hazard or safety concern.

2000 character maximum.

Please review your request for accuracy before submitting.