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Safety Guidelines

Ice Factors

Many factors affecting ice thickness includes: Type of water, location, time of year, and other environmental factors, such as:

  • Water depth and size of body of water
  • Currents, tides and other moving water
  • Chemicals including salt
  • Fluctuations in water levels
  • Logs, rocks and docks absorbing heat from the sun
  • Changing air temperature
  • Shock waves from vehicles traveling on the ice

Ice Colour

The colour of the ice may be an indication of its strength:

  • Clear blue ice is strongest
  • White opaque or snow ice is half as strong as blue ice; opaque ice is formed by wet snow freezing on the ice
  • Grey ice is unsafe - the grayness indicates the presence of water

Did you know ice thickness should be:

  • 15 cm for walking or skating alone
  • 20 cm for skating parties or games
  • 25 cm for snowmobiles

Be safe. Avoid going out on ice at night and always check conditions before venturing out.

For more information, please visit the Red Cross website at:

Random ice thickness testing is done on each pond and lake in HRM, providing general ice conditions which can vary over the ice surface.

Please use extreme caution in areas where streams flow in and out of lakes.

Persons using the ponds and lakes do so at their own risk.

Ice Thickness Reports - All
Lake Name Location Checked (cm) Status Checked
Albro Lake (Big) Beach Area 15cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Albro Lake (Little) # 27 Limardo Drive 15cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Banook Lake Birch Cove Beach (44 Oakdale Court) 15cm Open Along Runs 09/02/17
Banook Lake Graham's Grove Beach 15cms Open Along Runs 09/02/17
Banook Lake Lion's Club beach area 15cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Barrett Lake Across from 691 Beaver Bank Road 17cm 09/02/17
Belchers Marsh At Parkland and Red Fern Open Areas 26/01/17
Belchers Pond Little Belchers Pond at Parkland and Carlina Court Open Areas 26/01/17
Bell Lake Abenaki Canoe Club 25cm Frozen Over 09/02/17
Bissett Lake Beach Area at Park Entrance off Colby Drive 15cm Open Along Run 07/02/17
Catamaran Pond At end of Lewis St 12cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Chocolate Lake Behind Best Western Hotel Open Areas 26/01/17
Cow Bay Lake Cow Bay Beach Unsafe Along Shore 07/02/17
Cranberry Lake Wildwood Blvd 10cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Doyle's Pond Old Sambro Road between Club Road and Fraser Rd 13cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Duck Pond Cole Harbour Commons Unsafe Along Shore 07/02/17
Fairbanks Fairbanks Interpretation Center. 15cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
First Lake At Kinsmen Centre Beach 12cm 09/02/17
Five Island Lake 151 Granite Cove 14cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Flag Pond 1775 Cow Bay Road 15cm Frozen Over 07/02/17
Frenchmans Lake Spectacle Lake Drive 20cm Frozen Over 09/02/17
Frog Pond At Purcell's Cove Road 14cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Governor's Lake Beechville/Lakeside/Timberley 16cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Grand Lake Williamswood at 3100 Old Sambro Road Open Water 03/02/17
Graves Oakley Pond Off Leiblin Drive 16cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Greys Lake (or Pennant Lake) At West Pennant Road & Charles Gray Road Thin Ice 03/02/17
Hail Pond Off Northwest Arm Drive 11cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Half Mile Lake Red Maple / Maplewood Subdivision 13cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Hatchett Lake End of Lake Road off Prospect Road Thin Ice Shoreline 03/02/17
Henry Lake or Grover Lake Behind Harrietsfield Rec Centre, 1150 Old Sambro Rd 12cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Hubley Mill Lake 97 Hubley Mill Lake Road Snow Covered/thin Ice 03/02/17
Kearney Lake At Beach Area Open Areas 26/01/17
Keith's Lake Next to 1018 Cobequid Road 18cm 09/02/17
Kidston Lake At Beach Area off Feldspar Crescent No Reading, Entrance Blocked 03/02/17
Kinsac lake Across from 779 Fall River Road 15cm 09/02/17
Lake Charles Shubie Beach 20cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Lake Echo Community Center Open Water 07/02/17
Lake Fletcher Behind Fort Scenic Apartments 10cm Slushy On Shore 09/02/17
Lake Major By Mailbox on Old German Road 20cm Open Along Run 07/02/17
Lake Williams At Lands and Forests 8cm Open Water 09/02/17
Long Lake Lake Major Road at Second Bridge 15cm Open Along Run 07/02/17
Long Pond At Beach Area - Herring Cove Road 10cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Loon Lake Hwy #7 at Legion 25cm Frozen Over 07/02/17
MacDonald Pond Shore Road Eastern Passage Unsafe Along Shore 07/02/17
Maynards Lake Beach area 15cm Frozen Over 09/02/17
McCoy's Pond Across from 51 Church Lake Drive Lake Echo 20cm Frozen Over 07/02/17
MicMac Boat Launch Unsafe Along Shire 09/02/17
Middle Porters Lake Across from #149 Bellfountaine Road 15cm Frozen Over 07/02/17
Miller Lake 131 Sanctuary Court 19cm 09/02/17
Morash Pond Woodlawn Road 10cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Morris Lake Beach 15cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Morris Pond At Kinsman Beach ( 759 Caldwell Rd) Unsafe Along Shore 07/02/17
Oathill Lorne Avenue 15cm Frozen Over 09/02/17
Paper Mill Lake At Moirs Mill Mill Run 14cm 09/02/17
Paper Mill Lake At Lake Drive Beach Area Thin Ice And Open Water 09/02/17
Penhorn Lake Beach 20cm Frozen Over 09/02/17
Porter's Lake Across from trailer at # 37 The Other Street Open Water 07/02/17
Powder Mill Lake On Rocky Lake Road 16cm 09/02/17
Punch Bowl Off Punch Bowl Drive 13cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Red Bridge Pond Braemar Drive 10cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Roaches Pond Near parking lot - Herring Cove Road 16cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Rocky Lake Caldwell Road by Shearwater 20cm Frozen Over 07/02/17
Russell Lake By wharf (Baker Drive) 15cm Open Along Run 09/02/17
Settle Lake Beach Area 20cm Frozen Over 07/02/17
Sheldrake Lake At Playground 18cm Snow Covered 03/02/17
Springfield Lake At Beach Area 21cm 09/02/17
Tucker Lake Across from 1331 Beaver Bank Road 20cm . 09/02/17
Whimsical Lake At Beach Area - Mabou Ave Thin Shoreline 03/02/17
Williams Lake At end of Acorn Road 16cm Snow Covered 03/02/17