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This listing is as accurate as possible, however HRM continuously updates the information and it should not be used for legal purposes. If you come across errors while you are using this directory, please direct your concerns to 311. The streets are listed in alphabetical order by names and then by community. There will be separate entries for each section of street that falls in either a different district or community. Any street that crosses a polling district boundary will be assigned the district number that contains the largest portion of the street.

Note: Winter Service information is in effect from 12:01 a.m. the third Monday of November until 4:00 p.m. the first Friday of April.

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Owned By

Abbr. Desc.
DND Department of National Defense
FED Government of Canada
HRM Halifax Regional Municipality
NA Not a legally accepted street but usually some maintenance provided
NTO Street not yet taken over by Halifax Regional Municipality
PRIV Private Ownership not usually eligible for public maintenance
PROV Province of Nova Scotia
UN Ownership undetermined at this time

Serviced in Winter By

Winter Maintenance Area Contact Number
Airport Duty Manager 902-873-1234
NSTIR Toll Free Number 1-888-432-3233
HRM Call Centre 311

Street Types

Street type Description
Ave Avenue
Blvd Boulevard
Brae Brae
Brdg Bridge
Byps Bypass
Cir Circle
Cl Close
Conn Connector
Cres Crescent
Crss Cross
Crst Crest
Crt Court
Div Diversion
Dr Drive
East East
Ext Extension
Gate Gate
Street type Description
Grn Green
Grv Grove
Gtwy Gateway
Hall Hall
Hill Hill
Hllw Hollow
Hts Heights
Hwy Highway
Lane Lane
Lndg Landing
Loop Loop
Pass Pass
Path Path
Pky Parkway
Pl Place
Plz Plaza
Pssg Passage
Street type Description
Ramp Ramp
Rd Road
Rg Ridge
Rot Rotary
Row Row
Run Run
Sq Square
St Street
Terr Terrace
Trl Trail
Turn Turn
Un Unknown
Wa Water Access
Walk Walk
Way Way
Wds Woods
West West